How do I file for divorce?

Today as I stood at the clerk's office filing some papers, I watched a woman burst into tears at the window next to me. He frustration was palpable. She indicated she had gone and sought help and some issue had arisen because the attorney on the other side was still in the case and had [...]

How to choose a divorce attorney

Choosing a lawyer is a difficult decision, and unfortunately it is a decision that has real repercussions. All attorneys are not equal and choosing the right attorney for the right case can make a very great difference. The following is a list of criteria one should be using when choosing a lawyer: 1. How much [...]

Post-Judgement Request for Order

In a California divorce case, if you are already post-judgment ( in other words, you have a final divorce) and are asking for something from the court (for example modifying custody) you need to serve the other party, even if they have a lawyer who is the attorney of record and still in the case. [...]

The night Santa Rosa burned

My wife woke me at 3:30am and I remember being pretty annoyed.  She was talking about a fire, to which my instant response would have been "go back to sleep" except when she told me that the fire had "jumped the highway at Hopper" and "Fountain Grove was on fire". Hopper Avenue is only a [...]