Divorced Parenting During Covid-19

Video on Divorced Co-Parenting During Covid-19 A client of mine asked me to sit down and answer some questions about the challenges of divorced parenting during Covid-19. The video is below but keep in mind this is not an easy topic to address as there really is no set standard yet. Hopefully my answers [...]

Edit Sonoma County Form FL074

Sonoma County has a unique form a party can use to set their divorce for trial (a final resolution). A party must first go through a settlement session before trial, but all of this may be accomplished through form FL-074. The form is offered as a PDF through the County Website, however this particular [...]

Is my partner a narcissist?

  The term "narcissist" comes from the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus, in which the two main characters were cursed by the gods and doomed because they loved people who could not love them back.  Echo was cursed by the gods, fell in love with Narcissus, and eventually died of a broken heart.  Narcissus [...]

Truth and the law

It has been said that we do not have a justice system, we have a legal system.  What does that mean?  Simply put, it means that we, in our efforts to build a civil society that allows us to enjoy the freedoms enumerated in our constitution, have a system through which we resolve conflicts.  It [...]

Father arrested in Sonoma County after allegedly kidnapping daughter

http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/3908994-181/father-arrested-after-returning-missing "A man who set off a multi-state search after authorities said he took his two daughters out of an after-school program in Rohnert Park amid conflicting child custody court orders was arrested Friday afternoon . A Rohnert Park public safety officer arrested Everett Reep, 45, on suspicion of child endangerment outside his Santa Rosa [...]

Throwing Up Roadblocks In Family Law Cases

If you are a parent and/or spouse who is using the family court process in order to impose your will upon the other person, one tried & true "dirty" trick is to throw up "roadblocks" at every opportunity. The popular saying among lawyers (which at one time I thought was humorous and now think is disgusting) [...]

High Conflict Personality chart from Bill Eddy

Cognitive Distortions And Litigation Few legal professionals understand the attraction of those with personality disorders or traits to the legal process. Yet a comparison of characteristics shows a perfect fit, which may explain why they increasingly show up in court as High Conflict Personalities. Characteristics of HCPs Characteristics of Court Process Lifetime Preoccupation: Blaming others Purpose: Deciding [...]

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