Discovery in California Family Law Cases

"With the noble sentiment of 'levelling the playing field' so that no party has an undue information advantage, the writers of the discovery rules created a multilevel playing field where the information-rich can kick the information-poor in the head and escape unscathed. "Discovery" is anything but ... Hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain the [...]

Only in family court can you hold an apple in your hand and the court will determine it to be an orange

People are often dismayed upon finding out that their conception as to what transpires in family court crashes upon the shoals of reality.  As I repeat as  often as possible, the reality is that California Judges are hard-working, intelligent people who deserve our admiration, not our scorn, and do not deserve to be constantly the [...]

Barron Ross

ANSWER TO CLAIM AAA ARBITRATION CLEMENT V. BARRON ROSS INC. According to Sept.25, 2013 article by Barbara J. Gage, Judith Tobin and Darshak Sanghavi “Disabled Americans Facing Ruinous Costs of Long-Term Care Got No New Answers from a Blue-Ribbon Federal Commission Last Week. Where Do We Go from Here?”, Many young people and seniors mistakenly [...]

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