The Parental Alienation “Road to Nowhere” and why there is no such thing as reunification therapy

After more than a decade of practicing family law I began to notice a pattern emerging in cases that I handled regarding a type of therapy called "reunification therapy". The pattern went something like this: 1. Children became resistant to visiting a parent. 2. Children stopped visiting parent. 3. Other parent claims the children stopped [...]

How do I file for divorce?

Today as I stood at the clerk's office filing some papers, I watched a woman burst into tears at the window next to me. He frustration was palpable. She indicated she had gone and sought help and some issue had arisen because the attorney on the other side was still in the case and had [...]

How to choose a divorce attorney

Choosing a lawyer is a difficult decision, and unfortunately it is a decision that has real repercussions. All attorneys are not equal and choosing the right attorney for the right case can make a very great difference. The following is a list of criteria one should be using when choosing a lawyer: 1. How much [...]