According to THIS New York Times Article, another public health crisis is adding to the toll already accruing because of the Coronavirus pandemic: Domestic Violence. It appears that “like an opportunistic infection” domestic violence is “flourishing in the conditions created by the pandemic.”

If you are your loved ones are in danger, you MUST take immediate steps to protect yourself and them. Although the courts are generally closed, people still have the capability to file a DVRO, or Domestic Violence Restraining Order. I have filed one within the last ten days after the shelter-in-place order, and the Judge IS available to file this if you really need it.

Such a DVRO can also include an “kick out” order that removes the transgressor from the house. The pandemic is not an excuse for Domestic Violence and you do not need to tolerate it. The process remains open, just as it is open in case someone robs you. Besides being a criminal matter, this is also a civil matter. Contact me today if you need to take steps.
-Wallace Francis