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  • Civil Litigation

    Whether it is a simple breach of contract, a more complex business dispute, a property rights issue or something more personal like defamation, you need proper counsel to be able to protect your rights. The courts are simply not set up for lay people to handle such matters themselves, any more than a hospital is set up to allow you to do surgery on yourself. Read More About Civil Litigation
  • Family Law

    I understand the emotional and financial issues that surface during a child custody matter or divorce. Many times an angry spouse will use the legal system to bully the other spouse. In situations like this, it is morally wrong not to defend yourself.
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  • Criminal Law

    If you are arrested and charged with a crime in California you will need an attorney to help navigate the criminal court process. I am here to help with your misdemeanor case.
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  If you are a parent and/or spouse who is using the family court process in order to impose your will upon the other person, one tried and true “dirty” trick is to throw up “roadblocks” at every opportunity. The popular saying among lawyers (which at one time I thought was humorous and now think is disgusting) is “justice delayed is justice denied”. If you... Read More

New Voices: Parental alienation – time to notice, time to intervene- By Sue Whitcombe

At this precise moment I’m in some manic, hyperactive mode that is suppressing my exhaustion as I beaver away at my urgent ‘to do’ list ahead of my Friday flight to Spain. Twelve days. Twelve whole days in which I am banned from using my computer, accessing e-mails and reading anything remotely related to my research – express orders from my 15-year old daughter. I had promised her that things... Read More

High Conflict Personality chart from Bill Eddy

Cognitive Distortions And Litigation Few legal professionals understand the attraction of those with personality disorders or traits to the legal process. Yet a comparison of characteristics shows a perfect fit, which may explain why they increasingly show up in court as High Conflict Personalities. Characteristics of HCPs Characteristics of Court Process Lifetime Preoccupation: Blaming others Purpose: Deciding... Read More

Santa Rosa Lawyer-Wallace Francis, Attorney At Law-Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense