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  • Civil Litigation

    Whether it is a simple breach of contract, a more complex business dispute, a property rights issue or something more personal like defamation, you need proper counsel to be able to protect your rights. The courts are simply not set up for lay people to handle such matters themselves, any more than a hospital is set up to allow you to do surgery on yourself. Read More About Civil Litigation
  • Family Law

    I understand the emotional and financial issues that surface during a child custody matter or divorce. Many times an angry spouse will use the legal system to bully the other spouse. In situations like this, it is morally wrong not to defend yourself.
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  • Criminal Law

    If you are arrested and charged with a crime in California you will need an attorney to help navigate the criminal court process. I am here to help with your misdemeanor case.
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Kelly Giersch loses custody due to parental alienation

________FROM Parental Alienation in Divorce: The Kelly Rutherford Divorce Saga By Nancy Van Tine on October 10, 2012 Kelly Rutherford, who portrays the glamorous matriarch Lily Van der Woodsen on the hit series “Gossip Girl,” has been hitting the morning talk show circuit to expose the supposed injustice of a recent order by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Teresa Beaudet, that in effect gave... Read More

Don’t be Passive When Divorcing High Conflict Partners

Passivity when divorcing can be costly in many ways. Published on May 17, 2012 by Randi Kreger in Stop Walking on Eggshells In India, there are a lot of monkeys. To catch one, residents anchor a bottle to the ground. The neck of the bottle is just large enough for a monkey’s hand to fit through. Then, they put a small banana in the bottle, sit back and wait. Pretty soon a monkey comes by and... Read More

Personality Disorders in Family Court (an excerpt)

Bill Eddy‚ L.C.S.W.‚ Esq.. Personality Disorders Appearing In Family Court Probably the most prevalent personality disorder in family court is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) — more commonly seen in women (now 2008 research indicates BPD is equally men and women). BPD may be characterized by wide mood swings‚ intense anger even at benign events‚ idealization (such as of their spouse... Read More

Santa Rosa Lawyer-Wallace Francis, Attorney At Law-Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense