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  • Civil Litigation

    Whether it is a simple breach of contract, a more complex business dispute, a property rights issue or something more personal like defamation, you need proper counsel to be able to protect your rights. The courts are simply not set up for lay people to handle such matters themselves, any more than a hospital is set up to allow you to do surgery on yourself. Read More About Civil Litigation
  • Family Law

    I understand the emotional and financial issues that surface during a child custody matter or divorce. Many times an angry spouse will use the legal system to bully the other spouse. In situations like this, it is morally wrong not to defend yourself.
    Read More About Family Law
  • Criminal Law

    If you are arrested and charged with a crime in California you will need an attorney to help navigate the criminal court process. I am here to help with your misdemeanor case.
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default judgments

1 Count 30 Days from The Date of Service of Process Begin counting days the day after service is made. Count Saturdays and Sundays. If the 30th day falls on a weekend or holiday, the defendant has until the next court day. 2 Take The Defendant’s Default Do this step by filling out and filing multiple forms with the court clerk, including: CIV-100 (Request for Entry of Default) JUD-100 (Judgment)... Read More

Court disregards DUI science

California Supreme Court Outlaws Science In DUI Cases Scientific evidence challenging the accuracy of breathalyzers is not admissible, California Supreme Court rules. Scientific evidence cannot be brought into evidence to challenge a borderline conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) in California. The state Supreme Court last week rejected Terry Vangelder’s attempt to clear... Read More

California landlord tenant retaliatory eviction

Retaliatory actions and eviction A landlord may try to evict a tenant because the  tenant has exercised a legal right (for example, using the repair and deduct remedy, (see Having Repairs Made) or has complained about a problem in the rental  unit. Or, the landlord may raise the tenant’s rent or otherwise seek to punish  the tenant for complaining or lawfully exercising a tenant right. In... Read More

Santa Rosa Lawyer-Wallace Francis, Attorney At Law-Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense