Video on Divorced Co-Parenting During Covid-19

A client of mine asked me to sit down and answer some questions about the challenges of divorced parenting during Covid-19. The video is below but keep in mind this is not an easy topic to address as there really is no set standard yet. Hopefully my answers are helpful for those trying to understand the nature of the family law situation as it relates to Covid-19. Stay safe.

Links to Specific Questions

  • 0:00 How has divorce and co-parenting changed since Covid-19?
  • 1:47 Have parents refused to exchange kids due to Covid-19 concerns?
  • 2:22 How have judges reacted to parents who refuse to follow Court Orders?
  • 3:10 Have couples been pushed to divorce over disagreements on the danger of Covid-19?
  • 4:11 Should divorced parents consider filing legal action against the other parent if they have health concerns?
  • 5:42 Is co-parenting/parallel parenting a method to be used for resolving disputes?
  • 6:16 Are there are other options, besides going to Court, for couples who have major disagreements about the dangers of Covid-19?

Full Video