“A man who set off a multi-state search after authorities said he took his two daughters out of an after-school program in Rohnert Park amid conflicting child custody court orders was arrested Friday afternoon .

A Rohnert Park public safety officer arrested Everett Reep, 45, on suspicion of child endangerment outside his Santa Rosa home on Arista Lane at about 5:30 p.m.”- From the article

So in this case, we have a father who allegedly threatened some people at a baseball game, and ended up with a restraining order against him.  Then he went to Mendocino County Superior Court and obtained temporary custody of the same children.

This is exactly the kind of situation that can be difficult to understand without all the facts.  Mother’s side?  Father has a violent and dangerous past and has some kind of problem with addiction.  Father?  He has done nothing wrong to these children.  Ever.  They are his kids.  Now, whatever you say, the fact that he had a restraining order against him and then took the kids anyway probably says all you need to know about this case.  Probably.  But to be honest, if you haven’t read the file and watched the proceedings, you cannot really know for certain.  His actions are troubling.

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