AAML-SoCal believes that perjury is rampant in family law cases and something needs to be done about it. AAML-SoCal believes that there are no adequate consequences imposed by the courts when perjury is committed and that this has resulted not only in lack of respect for the courts by litigants and lawyers but the virtually reckless abandon with which perjury is committed in family law cases.

New Civil Sanctions AAML-SoCal supports civil sanctions in the event a party can show by clear and convincing evidence the other side knowingly or fraudulently misrepresented an essential element of evidence that cause some measurable damage to the other party. There is a strong need for consequences/remedies for perjury in family court due to the widespread problem. There remains a resounding voice amongst our Fellowship to the effect that the ETF’s recommendations are not strong enough and that proof of such fraud should be shown by a preponderance of the evidence.

William J. Glucksman


American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Southern California Chapter