Alongside the horrifying scourge of domestic violence comes the left hand of domestic violence: the false claims.

Along with false claims come the reality that people with their own agenda will state “facts” which are not in fact true, in their zeal to promote their agenda.  The truth be damned.

Notably, in 2011 the Attorney General made the claim that the leading cause of death for African-American women was domestic violence.  Which turned out to be totally untrue.

Making false claims, touting false statistics, and presenting things as facts which are nothing of the sort serves the purposes of perpetrators of domestic violence by providing perpetrators proof that the whole thing is made up.  It isn’t.  There are real victims of domestic violence out there, and they need to be supported by people who are presenting solid facts and who do not appear to be repeating shrill, hysterical untruths in their rush to judgment.