In an article that one reads and wonders is not straight out of  the “Onion”, a Connecticut divorce case that has lasted ten years continues on, rife with accusations of, you guessed it, parental alienation and financial misconduct.  The case has had approximately six or seven hundred motions filed.  The quote of the day comes from Family Court Judge Michael Shay, who says “There are some cases that for whatever reason … sort of spin out of control,”  and “It seems impossible, it seems intractable, sometimes to pull them back and try to get them on the right track, and that’s what I’m trying to do here.”


Let’s take a look at one aspect of this: the father has not seen his 12-year old twin son and daughter for FOUR YEARS.  I see nowhere in this article anything about child abuse, criminal charges, or anything substantiating a rationale for this kind of thing, but I can say without hesitation that this is exactly the kind of thing that happens constantly in America’s family courts.  One party ends up with possession of the children, and continuance after continuance after continuance gets scheduled, allowing the parent using the children as weapons to further entrench their position.

There isn’t a replacement for strong leadership.  As stated before, a parent who would use children as a weapon, and who would teach a child to hate represents a clear and ever-present danger to the emotional and mental well-being of that child.

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