If you are like me and the family I came from, your kids are the most important thing in the world to you.  You will do just about anything to protect them.

It is an unfortunate reality that not everyone is clear on the concept of putting the interests of a child ahead of your own.  Some of them are mothers and fathers.  For those select few, the child becomes a  pawn to be used in a battle to impose their will upon you.  They may suffer from a personality disorder.

The unfortunate reality is that if you are in such a situation, going to court might be the worst mistake you ever made.  This isn’t because the system is set up against men, or women, or is filled with corrupt people bent on making money off you (though there are a few).  This is because a court of law was never intended to deal with social issues like broken families.  Everyone is set up for failure.  Even Judges.

Nonetheless, you may be forced to engage the services of an attorney.  If that attorney does not understand the psychology of the situation, or the importance of presenting relevant information and proper documentation, you may not be getting the best representation you can have.  Although there are a lot of lawyers out there trumpeting their 38 years of experience or vast legal knowledge, the first thing I would want to know from an attorney is if they understand what my opponent is like.  If I, as a litigant, tell you that there is no way this other party will ever negotiate with you, I would want that lawyer to hear me.  Ignoring clients is something a lot of lawyers do.  It is not something that I think is a good idea.

That does not mean clients run the show.  It means I know that craziness can abound in family law cases, and decisions in which the good parent can end up losing custody (and everything) are not unheard of.

If you are looking for an attorney who is going to lie to the court, create a fake story, and do anything to win, keep looking.  There is not enough money in the world to get me to take action that would hurt a child when I know that will be the result.

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