1. Don’t interrupt excessively and argue with the Judge too much. Some Judges are okay with it. Others won’t tolerate it.
2. Make claims you have supporting evidence for. Do not speculate. If your ex really does worship Satan, you better have video of him doing it.
3. Remain calm. Some emotion is to be expected. Continuous crying and sobbing is not.
4. Make demands that are reasonable. Asking for full custody without any reason is a bad idea.
5. Make an attempt to understand the procedures. Get an attorney who will coach you. I offer coaching at my hourly rate and I believe that after almost ten years of practice I have some valuable insights to offer. It’s worth it.
6. Don’t take the bait: they can say horrible things about you all they want. I generally do not respond to them, but be careful, some Judges will listen to outrageous, improper and procedurally wrong arguments and make orders upon them. If you end up in those courts, you MUST defend yourself.