Although I previously withheld judgment on this issue, it now appears likely that the fires in Santa Rosa which killed somewhere around 44 people (at least) and burned thousands of homes were caused, in very large part, by the failure of the California energy giant to exercise good judgment when caring for the trees near their power lines.  It now appears that not only did they fail to exercise good judgment, they lobbied the State of California and used their political clout so that they would not have to spend money doing that.

Their version of events is going to be that nobody could have predicted the hurricane-force winds nor the historic drought that weakened the trees surrounding the power lines.  They might have an argument about the wind, I suspect, but considering the drought had been going on for many years, I find that particular aspect unconvincing.  I also find it relevant that a fire in Butte County burned 500 homes in 2015 and killed two people under the same circumstances here.  Their conduct in the San Bruno pipeline explosion also seems relevant.

“The utility giant was convicted of six felony charges connected to the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion. PG&E’s sentence includes a $3 million fine, a five-year probation period, independent safety monitoring and 10,000 hours of community service.” said ABC7 news in a Jan. 2017 article.

If you have been affected by this fire and are looking for an attorney you can trust to explore your options with you and help guide you in the right direction, you should call me.  I am a no-nonsense attorney who is solely focused on what is best for you. I owe it to my fellow citizens of Santa Rosa to offer my services and help you find the right representation.  It is important to mention that I would receive a referral fee from the law firm chosen to represent you if I did help you find the right representation.

-Wallace Francis